Explore the upcoming PS4 and Xbox variants of Super Mario

It’s been years into the epic console wars, with legendary powerhouses such as Sony and Microsoft dominating the gaming arena with 4K graphics and Nintendo’s latest contender delivering impressive flexibility. It is a recurring question on which one is more fun if you plan to induct Super Mario in your list?

Prior to the era of Computers, tablets and smart phones, playing games on hefty gaming consoles with round-shaped button and a handle to control the moments of the characters,  was all the fun and technology kids had in the early 90s. It is no less than a miracle that the modern versions of such gaming consoles are still ruling the hearts of millions of kids and adults alike, despite getting tough competitions by rivals in the computer arena.

PlayStation, Nintendo and Xbox gaming experience with heavy-graphics know no boundaries of age or enthusiasm while PC games are all about offering all-in-one gaming experience. Depending on the player’s gaming habits, the differences between them are quite essential to know if you want to enjoy the best suitable gaming experience.

The outbreak of Battle Royale is out in the air again and this time, Super Mario Bros has surpassed all the competitors in the last-man standing action. This new online game of Mario Royale pits one hundred players against each other in every level compared to its earlier classic versions. Right now, only PC lovers may enjoy the browser version of the game. However, the PS and Xbox versions will soon step out in the market.

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Get into the action with eight gaming console generation with 4K graphics and hybrid console handheld Both Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s PlayStation are the top contenders in the race to offer better gaming experience to Mario players.


Both Sony and Microsoft released enhanced power-packed 4K variants of their gaming consoles “PS4 Pro and Xbox One”. They are more capable than what was initially described in the original models, capable of overcoming 4K resolution with high dynamic range graphics. However, some games may lack the capability of reaching 4K graphics despite having a 4K screen.

Nintendo, in this respect, lags behind from its competitors in ray graphics power but covers up with better factors. The Nintendo Switch is a small tablet instead of a bulky, blocky console and portable enough to help you play Super Mario on the move.


It is one of the most sought-after factors in your pursuit of a suitable gaming console. Price does matter if you belong to a middle-class family. The Price you must pay to experience 4K graphics in PlayStation 4 Pro adds an extra $100 while Xbox One X adds $200. It means PS$ pro with 4K graphics will cost you $400 while Xbox One will cost you $500.


You need a smooth gamepad that fits in your hands and allows you to enjoy the game rather than adjusting your settings on every move, Both PS4 and Xbox have them. The Xbox One is an advanced variant of the Xbox 360 with a more rounded touch and trigger buttons that offers individual force feedbacks. On the other hand, the PS$ gamepad known as “DualShock 4” is a completely overhauled controller with all the essential features of its previous version along with latest updates and fixes.

The analog stick adjusts in your hand offering a comfortable grip, more responsive trigger and controller just feels a part of your hands. It has in-built speakers and a potentially useful track pad in the center.

Xbox gamepad also features some of the latest updates with Bluetooth connectivity and compatibility with PCs. The Xbox controller is designed in a way that allows you to have a custom made Xbox Controller that matches your needs with a variety of colors and patterns that is not available with Sony’s PS4.

The Nintendo Switch gives you a different experience. It operates as both a Home console and a handheld with two joysticks that used a wireless network to the system or snap onto the sides if you want to play games on the go.

Lifting the curtains

By the looks and features, PS4 has a slight edge over the Nintendo Switch with better game capture features and supports VR while the Switch is equipped with better controller features. The Xbox one only excels in media features with its ultra Blu-ray support.