How to Transport Files in Microsoft Outlook?

Before going through the procedure for importing a .pst file in Outlook, first, let us know what Outlook actually is. MS Outlook is a tool that organizes your emails, manages your activities by updating it in your calendar, and keeps track of your information regarding contacts, tasks, and to-do-list. In addition to this, it automatically organizes your email account and converts your emails into tasks and appointments as well as stores the information regarding your contacts so that you don’t have to make a note of important details such as email addresses, phone numbers, etc.

The below mentioned could be the probable reasons behind why you might want to move Outlook items:

  • You want some files on your other email account.
  • You want some files on another PC.
  • You want to move a few items from Mac to PC or vice versa.
  • You want to export or import files between local folders and an IMAP.

Let’s take a quick walk-through of some basic steps to Import .pst files

(Note: this procedure will only work if you have already exported your Outlook files to another location and now you want to import them back to Outlook. Also, note that if this doesn’t seem to work right for you, you might need to go through a different procedure for carrying on the task).

  1. Tap “File” which appears at the top of your Outlook ribbon.
  2. To start the Import/Export wizard, tap “Open & Export > Import/ Export”.
  3. Tap “Import from another program or file” on the subsequent tab and then tap “Next” to proceed further.
  4. Select the file which you want to import and click “Next”.
  5. Under the Options panel, choose the method through which you want to deal with file and then click “Next”.
  6. Type in the Password that you created for the Outlook Data File, in the password field and click “OK”.
  7. Choose the particular mailbox from where you are trying to import your file into your Office 365 mailbox. (Note: Tap “Import items into the current folder” in case you do not want to Import your contents into Office 365 mailbox. This will automatically import the data into the folder that you have selected).
  8. On clicking “Finish”, Outlook will start importing the .pst files automatically.

The procedure might stop in case your Internet connection is interrupted even for a second. On re-establishing the Internet connection, Outlook will begin with the procedure of importing the files on its own.

Which data can you import?

.pst files come into existence when you move or backup your emails, contacts, or calendars to Outlook and make a copy of it to the .pst file.

  • You can import attachments that come when Outlook exports email with attachments to a .pst file.
  • You can export or import meta-data such as views, permissions, AutoArchive settings, etc.
  • You can also have access to the files that Outlook has exported because Outlook never deletes anything and always keeps a copy of your exported files.

To conclude-

You can always manage and organize your MS Office tools by following simple procedures. In case you are unable to make certain specific changes your Outlook files, you can seek assistance on the same from the Office customer support executives, who will provide you with the guided solution needed to make changes to Office tools.