Privacy Policy

We collect personal data by interacting with you and taking feedback on our products and services. There is some of the data that we directly collect through your experiences and communicating with the users. Hence, the data that is collected by us completely depends upon the perceptions and the views of the users. This will include your views about the features of the Office product that you are using. We thereby, collect the Personal Data from the users itself or the third-party websites.

How do we use the data collected?

We use the data collected to get meaningful insights so that we can change or o the amendments in our products and services as per your need. We, therefore, use personal data to:

  • Deliver the products and services with updated information
  • Improvise our Office applications, products, and services.
  • Make amendments to our product with recommendations and suggestions.
  • Providing products with suitable offers for the users.

Why is sharing personal data important?

We share the data collected with your kind approval for completing any pending transactions or to make changes in the authorized products that you have ever requested for. Also, the data that you provide to us is shared with the Office affiliates and subsidiaries. This is just to protect our valuable customers and maintain the right to security for any product and services.

Managing the flow of Personal Data collected

There are some of the ways by which you can easily control the flow of your personal data that we collect. In addition, you can just practice the data protection rights if you have more issues over the personal data collected. In some of the cases, you need a permit by the law and legal authorities to access and get control of the personal data. By this you can:

  • Limit the utilization of your data for advertising on the website.
  • Choosing to opt for specific promotional emails and more.
  • Use your data that is collected with the Office privacy dashboard.

Privacy cookies

We make appropriate use of cookies to store the personal data on the official website, so that we can easily customize according to your preferences and settings so that you can get permission to sign in, combat the fraudulent activities, getting the useful insights and others.

Office products and services offered by your organization

If your organization provides you Microsoft Office products and services then that organization is specifically eligible to:

  • Limit, watch over and admin your office applications and accounts with privacy-related settings.
  • Get access to your personal data available on the Office applications such as chats, communications, office files and documents shared via emails and much more.

Your Microsoft Office account

Using the office account you can easily sign in to the account and you do not need any password or access permission for the same. Hence, the personal data that is linked with your account will have important and relevant details such as the user’s name, contact info and payment processes along with the other necessary details. By signing in to your Office account the user can protect his/her details and information on the website. In addition, there are three main types of Office accounts that are in use:

  • Personal Microsoft account
  • Work or school account
  • Third-party account

Other important Privacy information

Some of the relevant and important information is available on the website that correlates with the process to secure your personal data. How and where we use your data and what will be the time frame within which you can retain your data. You can easily monitor the information on the website. We also commit you to protect your Privacy that is highlighted on our Privacy policy along with all the mentioned terms and conditions.