How to preserve best moments with OneDrive in iOS devices?

Nowadays, it has become important to have a backup of your files on your devices. There are many ways available to have a backup of your data. Among the available ways, saving files to OneDrive has become the most elaborate and efficient ones since it allow you to have a backup of your data. You can access your files, gallery and your valuable documents through OneDrive.

You might know how to share files to OneDrive, however if you are an iOS user and facing issues in saving files on OneDrive, you need to acknowledge the basics about uploading your gallery and files automatically by using OneDrive application.

Before proceeding, let’s understand some key points which are important to be given consideration:-

  • Pictures and videos, which come under ‘Camera Upload’ category, can be accessed on one account at a time.
  • Pictures uploaded through Camera will be stored automatically on OneDrive.

The moment you sign in to OneDrive as a beginner, you will be asked whether you want your files and photos to be automatically uploaded or not.

What are the steps to save files automatically?

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Click on ‘Turn on’ button to switch on the automatic upload. To turn on the option for saving files automatically, you can customize the settings. You can modify the settings for both personal OneDrive account and Business account. Here are the steps to modify the settings:-

For modifying the personal OneDrive accounts:

  1. Tap on the ‘Me’ icon visible in the upper left of the OneDrive app window, and then click on the ‘Settings’ option.
  2. Click on the ‘Camera Upload’ in the Settings box, then turn on the Camera Upload to upload and save photos and videos automatically to OneDrive.

Note: – You can click on the ‘Upload in Background’ option to set your iOS device on the automated mode of saving files and folders.

  1. Turn on the ‘Include Videos’ to upload your videos automatically.

For modifying the Business OneDrive accounts:

  1. You have to make sure that you are signed in to the OneDrive application with the account in which you want to upload and save your photos.
  2. Click on the ‘Me’ icon, then tap on the ‘Photos’ option.
  3. Select the ‘Turn on’ option in the Photos view.
  4. Now, agree to the confirmation that you want to turn on the Camera Upload.

Note: – In case, you have already selected the ‘Change’ option, then confirm that you want to modify the settings in the Camera Upload account.

Finally, confirm again that you have selected the account in which you want to make the changes.


By concluding, you can say that it has become important to upload and save your photos and files on OneDrive. If you are an owner of iOS device and looking for a solution to save your gallery, you can access OneDrive on your iOS device. In case, you are facing issues in the process to save your photos and videos on OneDrive, then the passage above will help you to solve your issue.