NSA joins Microsoft on mission to fight BlueKeep worm

Disregarding Microsoft’s request to upgrade your existing software, application or services has become a trend for the majority of users. When Microsoft urges them to update Windows OS or patch up the compliance issues with your computer, it becomes a frustration for them and people start making excuses to evade from the efforts and expenses relevant to ensure the performance and security.

Well, the shocking thing is that users might not evade these necessities anymore as American National-level Intelligence Giant “NSA” (National Security Agency) is getting into the picture this time.

The Security agency is hell-bent on escalating and enforcing Microsoft’s request by facilitating extensive efforts on encouraging users to patch up their operating systems to the latest standards on the eve of emerging cyber security threat “BlueKeep”.

How BlueKeep Worm affects your computer?

BlueKeep makes the remote desktop feature of Windows Operating system vulnerable to security threats, and is now competing with the notorious WannaCry Malware program, which was surfaced in 2007 and was believed to be developed by North Korea. WannaCry Malware was a huge success and a source of motivation for those who prefer to employ unethical cyber activities rather than putting their skills in the direction of safety and security to form a better cyber world. The program brought devastating consequences to the entire digital community, devouring millions of dollars while infecting and compromising the data of hundreds of thousands of computers.

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NSA is raising their voice in support of Microsoft’s initiative of encouraging users to invest time and effort on studying their network and run supported operating system with the latest patches to mitigate the risk of cyber security flaws for a better online experience, expressed by the Organization in a statement. They expressed their concern over the vulnerability of security and proclaimed the initiate a vital step toward ensuring the effectiveness of the national security system alongside offering a security solution for all of us.

Organizations need to patch latest windows update, says NSA

NSA officials are more worried about all the business organizations and companies that are highly reliant on earlier versions of Windows Operating System like XP or Vista, making their business data vulnerable to security threats. BlueKeep is programmed to easily corrupt these Operating systems and used to deny the service attacks, or stage a more despicable threat.

Microsoft has already alerted everyone that BlueKeep is “Wormable” which indicates its capabilities of spreading throughout the vast expanse of Internet without getting used involved in this, said the “NSA”. We have seen the kind of destruction such malwares can bring upon unprotected devices with complications that last forever, and we are seeking new ways to deal with these issues. However, without the support of millions of users operating Windows-powered machines, keeping pace with the emerging threats of hackers and cybercriminals is a challenge next to impossible.