How to experience all new features of Netflix for gaming?

Microsoft has made every possible transformation to improve our working lifestyles. The company has delivered many applications which helped many of you to execute your work in a productive and efficient manner.

Till now, you might consider Microsoft for only delivering applications which are professional in nature but recently it is planning to take a step further to support all the gamers out there.

The tech establishment is planning to develop a streaming service for gaming. This streaming service is all set to deliver the high-end gaming experience like never before on your devices.

This is “Netflix for games”

Microsoft vision for future gaming does not involve a high-powered, over-priced box beneath your TV. It’s simply a Netflix, an application known for its web streaming services.

As Netflix allows you to watch movies and episodes on your device, anywhere, anytime. The same way it gives you access to most rated blockbuster games anywhere, from any device. Moreover, you don’t need those heavy gaming consoles to play the games.

Microsoft’s aim to reach more gamers

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There are more than a billion gamers alive on this planet, so it is near impossible to sell billions of gaming consoles. For all the gaming lovers, many of them might not have a television and not even a PC, so for those gamers, their mobile phones are their means to enjoy the games.

Since the games can require some serious processing power, digitization is transforming the gaming world and making high-end, processor games available through Netflix.

At present, many other tech companies are working on a form of video game streaming technology. Like Netflix, some of the streaming services, such as Google’s Project Stream and Sony’s PS are already running the games.

Both Microsoft and Google have been testing their streaming services with a limited number of gamers. Google’s project for streaming services is known for streaming the blockbuster hit such as Assasin’s  Creed Odyssey. On the other hand, Microsoft has promised the public trials of project x Cloud, this year.

Microsoft has already been there in the market since long and expanded its data centers globally. This has helped to stabilize the demands of video game streaming.

Netflix benefits for the Gamers

It is simple for Netflix to stream videos on your TV, smartphones, laptop or PCs. Be it any device, if you are having a stable internet connection, you can easily watch a video. Usually, the streaming videos buffer in between or the resolution may drop in between.

These stutters do not matter when you are watching movies or streaming videos while sitting idly and doing nothing in your lunch break. However, it matters more when you are in between a game.

Microsoft has taken a step forward to eradicate this issue by supporting its data centers presented all over the world. This is made possible only by matching the gamers presented all over the world with connections nearest to them.


Earlier, Microsoft is known for delivering applications to manage the workload effectively. However, it has started transforming the world of streaming services and the gamers; it has turned up to be a good take on the part of Microsoft.