Microsoft Teams- your ultimate way to work remotely

With the outbreak of COVID-19, the lives of people have been greatly impacted by it. Coronavirus has taken the lives of many, snatched their jobs and has forced many people to work remotely. Working from home could be a tough task for most of us. But, those of you who have Microsoft Office on their devices, working remotely is not a big deal for them. Microsoft is proving to be yet another example of how we could deal with difficult times. Microsoft Teams, which was introduced by Microsoft three years ago, has been able to connect a huge number of people who are working remotely. 

Not only Teams but several other Office apps are proving to be of great help for the employees. For example, Word is mostly being used to create documents and share them on the go. In addition to this, Excel is also being widely used to manage the data of the employees and other work-related data. On the other hand, Teams are something which people were not aware of as much as they knew about Word, PowerPoint or Excel. Therefore, let us know how effectively we can make use of Teams in such turbulent situations. 

Lets us find out what’s new in Teams

Whether you are a small or big business owner, if you want your employees to work remotely and connect with them on the go, there is nothing better than Teams. It is making our experiences much easier by bringing in technologies and features that nobody ever thought of. It is not only helping business 

  • During online meetings, when we connect with people, we could hear different background voices and this distracts the other person a lot. But, with its real-time noise suppression feature, you can only hear what is important. 
  • In such meetings, it becomes very irritating when two people speak at the same time but this hurdle can be easily reduced by using the “raise hand” feature. This gives the person on the other side a hint that you wish to say something.
  • There is a device developed for frontline workers and the device we mounted on their heads. This helps them to collaborate while staying safe at the same time and work together simultaneously. Their hand movement is not necessary to use this device.
  • With the help of B2C virtual appointments feature, people who are related to healthcare or other employers are taking advantage of it. With this feature, they can easily schedule and manage appointments, interviews, meetings, and so on.
  • The chat option is now going to be soon available in Teams so that they can easily manage their tasks while working by having end to end discussion with colleagues.
  • The offline feature or the slow internet connectivity support feature allows you to read and write messages even if your device is not receiving a proper internet connection. 

Final words-

Microsoft has also introduced “Microsoft 365 Business Voice” that works similar to mobile phones. This feature is only made available for the people of the US but soon it will be released for everybody. To avail of all these features, all you need to do is update Microsoft Teams if it is already there by visiting