How to add Mathematical equations in latest versions of MS Word?

Microsoft Word is one of the widely used applications in the world. It would not be wrong if we call it the “King” of all applications ever developed. For users, MS Word has proved to be a valuable asset in creating, editing and publishing content, from typing letters, reports to preparing documents. This application incorporates a wide spectrum of amazing features and tools for desktop publishing.

When it comes to adding Mathematical equations, MS Word is equipped with features to support such a move. All the recent versions of MS Word is equipped with almost all the symbols and structures that can be used by a math instructor. These can either be instantly typed by applying shortcuts, or can be found in the convenient Equation menu, whichever is suitable as per your needs and preferences.

However, the steps to apply equation are quite different if you are using Mac (OS), or using MS Word 2003 or an older version. It means whatever equations you have made in Word 2003 version, cannot be altered, modified, managed or edited in any succeeding versions of MS Word. If there is a need to collaborate with team members, you are advised to upgrade to a current version.

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Also, note that the earlier “Object Insert” method from Word 2003 versions is no longer available in the latest versions of MS Word, but you can purchase the math type add-in if you prefer its syntax.

Steps to add equation in Word 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007

  1. Select the Insert Tab on the ribbon in the top row of this menu.
  2. Select the “Equation” button at the far right-hand side of the horizontal menu. The icon is a large pi symbol alongside the “Symbol” tab, in the group titled “Symbols”.
  3. Click the icon to insert an equation. A box will display on your screen. You can add symbols and start typing your equation.
  4. Insert special formatting. The moment you click the equation icon, the ribbon menu will start displaying an array of symbols and options to choose from. Select the option that meets your need, then type to complete the equation.
  5. Keep typing to complete the equation. In case, there is no need to add special formatting, then you can keep writing the equation to extend it.
  6. Move the equation on the page
  7. For 2016 users, write equations by hand

Office for Mac users 2016 or 2011

  1. Select the document elements tab located just beneath the highest row of icons in the ribbon menu.
  2. Select “Equation” button at the far right-hand side of the horizontal menu. The icon is displayed in a shape of large pi symbol alongside the “Symbol” tab in the group entitled “Symbols”.
  3. Use the top menu instead by scrolling all the down to “Equation” in the drop-down menu
  4. Choose display options.

In the end,

You can add equations in Word 2007 and present versions by using your keyboard. In addition, if you find MS Excel to be a complex platform for calculation, accounting and preparing records, then you can choose to switch to MS Word. The application is capable of performing all the tasks by following a set of simple instructions with the help of “Equation” button.