Notable features of Windows 10 May 2019 updates

Updates are like energy-boosters for software, services, and applications. Latest updates are all about offering an extra hand to get the job done more efficiently, swiftly and with extra care. They are supposed to manage your time, enhance security and allow you to be creative in all your work.

For Windows 10 users, Microsoft released a new batch of latest updates for Windows 10 Operating system to boost their efforts on maintaining a competitive edge in the industry. These updates will users realize the true potential of the Windows 10 Operating System. With the inclusion of these updates, the operating system will become more user-centric as well as result-oriented form the point of view of quality deliverance of services.

It will comply with the latest standards of Microsoft’s user policy while enabling them to speed up their work on PC and across several other devices, including syncing to Android devices.

Please Note: If you have purchased a new device powered by Windows 10 OS, you can go through the Tips option to know how to set up your new device. You can access the Tips section from the Search box, just type “Tips” and hit the enter button.

Feast your eyes with new adaptations in May 2019 Windows 10 updates

Attach new images from your cloud clipboard

May 2019 updates package for Windows 10 allows users to copy and paste HD images and texts from one PC to another by using the cloud-based clipboard. By following the steps given below, you can do that in no time:

  1. Go to the “Start Menu” at the bottom left side of the screen and then move to the “Settings” section
  2. From “settings”, go to ‘System’ option, and then select “Clipboard”
  3. Use the toggles to turn on both Clipboard History and Sync Across devices

If the process seems difficult to follow, then you can use the simple Window + V shortcut keys to easily access your clipboard

Insert emoticons by using your keyboard

Convey your feelings and heartfelt emotions whenever and wherever you want within a click – by adding actual pictures of facial expressions with text, symbols, objects and places to demonstrate how you feel at that particular moment, or to make a statement.

To add emojis, press Windows Logo Key + Period to access the emoji panel.

Automatically creates a backup of your older folder

The new updates include backing up your files, folders, pictures, videos, documents and desktop data with OneDrive, so you won’t lose any of the data even if your system crashes. Go to the taskbar and select OneDrive at the far right side and, then click on “Settings”. Later, navigate to “AutoSave” tab, select “Update folders” and mark up the folders you want to automatically sync.

Deploy Microsoft Launcher in your Android-powered mobile phone

Tap the “Google Play Store” on your mobile screen; go to the search box and type “Microsoft Launcher”.

Once the “Microsoft Launcher” downloads and installs on your phone, you can sync your calendar and text documents on it to get beautiful Bing Wallpapers and images that refresh on a daily basis.

Change the font and color of your pointer to make it more visible on your screen

From the “Start Menu”, go to the “Settings” tab and then select “Easy to Access” to access “Cursor and Pointer” option.

Adjust the screen resolution to a bigger size

From the “Start Menu”, navigate to the “Easy to Access” option, and then, choose the “Display” settings to adjust your screen resolution.


Aside from the latest features and updates, Microsoft brought several more helpful ideas for Windows 10 users like “Snip & sketch to capture, Markup and share images” while offering you a chance to give you applications a smooth virtual look. For more information, you can visit Microsoft Official website to explore all the latest May 2019 updates for Windows 10.