How to rectify ‘failed to load Hlink DLL’ error in Microsoft Office PowerPoint?

PowerPoint is a popular application, which allows you to present your data more creatively and productively and transforming them into presentations. PowerPoint consists of various slides or pages that may contain text, audios, videos, graphics and many more. Many times the PowerPoint fails to load certain Dynamic-link library files in such cases the PowerPoint may come across corruption.

You will not be able to access the data stored in the files and folders if there is corruption in the PowerPoint file. You have to maintain a backup of your files and folders if you do not do so it will result in data loss. With PowerPoint Recovery solutions enabled on your device, you will be able to retrieve and restore the data effectively from the PowerPoint file, which is corrupted.

What are the errors occur when you try to view a PowerPoint file?

Sometimes, when you try to view a PowerPoint file, you may encounter one or both of the error messages given below: –

  • Error 1: Microsoft PowerPoint can’t be loaded
  • Error 2: Microsoft PowerPoint failed to load

What exactly happens, when you see “Microsoft PowerPoint failed to load” on-screen?

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If you see the above error message, you will be unable to access the PowerPoint.  After the occurrence of the above error message, you fail to access the PowerPoint file and ultimately the data becomes inaccessible.

What is the main cause behind this error?

The main reason for this error message is the corrupted, damaged or missing file. This situation occurs because PowerPoint requires a file to load a presentation. However, when the specific file is not found or is damaged, then the PowerPoint presentation is unable to load.

What is the solution to the error?

In order to resolve this error, you need to delete or remove the file on the hard disk and have to replace it. If you have stored the file on Microsoft Windows CD, then it can be installed from Microsoft Internet Explorer. If you are looking to replace the file, then consider the measures mentioned below-

  1. You have to first Re-install the Internet Explorer
  2. Now, extract the file

Note: – In most of the cases, the measures mentioned above will help you to resolve the Error. However, if the issue or error persists, then you need to use efficient PowerPoint Repair software in order to repair the PowerPoint file. An application like these incorporates the advanced scanning mechanisms, which helps to resolve all the issues and errors in the corrupted PowerPoint files.

The scanning mechanisms are built with the intuitive user-interface and these utilities are user-friendly so that anyone can access the files without having any technical understanding.


PowerPoint is a unique application of Microsoft Office, which enables you to present your informative data in a more creative way. However, you might encounter a common error as mentioned above, to rectify the same error you need to follow the measures already discussed.  This will help you to access your PowerPoint files with ease.