How to use Fluid Framework in order to enhance user experience?

This is a good time for individuals who want to update their systems with new Microsoft updates. Microsoft 365 is enhancing day by day in the field of productivity to provide an improved user-based experience so that it proves to be more collaborative for people than usual. Recently the team has announced a Fluid Framework for building a new framework for a better experience.

This Fluid Framework supports co-authoring on documents that need the attention of multiple individuals. People can work together on certain projects on the web and increase the speed level that is needed by the industry. The Fluid Framework also lets you make your document in the form of a component file which makes it easy for the authors to divide the file into different parts and use them to combine and develop into a new flexible document.

It also allows an intelligent team to work collaboratively along with the others to work with documents in the context of the text, suggest edits, checking of documents, searching for content, etc. this update will be made available in Office apps such as Word and Outlook to enhance the way you work with Office tools.

From Commands to Conversation

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Microsoft is committed to following this approach so that people can have a truly conversational experience. The traditional approach was based on using skills and a certain set of commands needed to perform the task. But, the latest approach is more of a kind of interactive approach.

The new approach will build a class of multi-talented people who will experience something larger than life. It will allow people to improve the productivity level and they will improve to be more creative in their work. The latest technology is also crossing its boundaries by connecting together multiple services internally as well as externally. It will give way to people to cooperate and co-work seamlessly.

The new features are decided to be added to Cortana as well as to various developers through a framework. In addition to this, it will include Azure surfaces and more to give the power of conversational AI across companies that have spread across the globe.


Through the use of AI people are getting more productive because now they can extend their capabilities to improve their work. Microsoft 365 has announced to add a pro editor in the Word as well as in the cloud. You can follow ideas given by this editor while working on any document. It gives you intelligent suggestions so that you can learn as well as improve throughout your writing experience.