Collaborate easily with AI and Cortana in Office 365

Artificial intelligence (AI) has changed the way many of us used to work in the past few years. This technology is now available in Office 365 allowing users to take their productivity to immeasurable heights. This approach is developed so that users can amplify their skills and transform the way they used to collaborate with each other. It has made easy to find information and apply it whenever needed.

Microsoft is delivering this technology through Cortana which can be found in Office 365. Now people can interact with Office applications very easily and achieve their goals without doing much effort. Earlier users have to adapt to the functionality of the tools and applications but now they do not need to do so. AI has completely changed this scenario and now they can use tools and apps according to their convenience. Not only this, Cortana is now available in Outlook itself.

Highlighting features of Cortana

The highlights about what you can achieve with Cortana are given below that helps you to use the feature as soon as possible:

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It helps you get time back

As time is the most valuable resource, hence you should save it by using Cortana in Outlook mobile. It helps a user to manage time and his tasks even if he is busy doing something else. It helps you stay organized and control your daily chores effortlessly. You can also make time for other essential tasks as Cortana will do little things for you such as reading out your emails and so on. It also has in-build features such as “Neural Text to Speech” which makes the artificial voice more natural. You can also choose various voice substitutions and customize its settings whenever you want. “Play My Emails” is the underlining feature of this technology and can be used for minimizing workload.

Manage your calendar and commitments easily

It allows you to stay on top of your schedule and commitments so that you do not miss an important event. With the personalized experience in Cortana, you can keep track of all the upcoming meetings. Cortana reminds you with a brief email about your schedules meetings and you can also use the “Done” option for those meetings you have attended. Microsoft has announced to upgrade this feature very soon in the early months of 2020. The “Scheduler” present in it allows a user to give the responsibility of coordinating your meetings to Cortana. There’s a lot more you can do with Cortana.


Along with Cortana, the AI developed by the team of Microsoft in Office 365 can make a user be his best self at work. As it allows you to imply best practices and manage your tasks accordingly. In the future, you will be given the advantage of using the “language queries” option in Excel.