A Man Died While Watching The Horror Film ‘Annabelle Comes Home’

That’s the story everyone is talking about, yes a man in Thailand was found dead in Movie Theater while watching the recent horror story ‘Annabelle comes home’. The plot for ‘Annabelle Comes Home’ is a continuation of the storyline from ‘Conjuring’.

The movie is full of unexpected turns while adding real-life horror content, which has left many people in the theater in sudden shock. A man in Thailand was found dead in a theatre while watching ‘Annabelle Comes Home’ which was quite a terrifying experience for a 77 years old.

According to the recent reports by Express, a British man was found to be dead by the lady seated next to him did not notice that the man has passed away until the movie was over. Knowingly, the same has happened in the ‘Conjuring: the beginning’, where a woman died while watching the movie.

So far the man and woman in both the cases have not been identified by name in the press. According to the reports, the U.K resident had purchased a single ticket to watch the movie and appears to have been there alone. He has visited Pattaya, Thailand to spend a vacation and may have been all alone in the country. The victim of an unexpected horror-thriller motion picture was of 77 years old.

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The woman who discovered the man was shaken due to the sudden strike. According to the reports, compiled up by the Express explained the scenario, “After the movie, when the lights went up at the end of the movie and he did not rise from his seat, then the waitress cried loud and asked for help and the emergency services.” After this, the British man was pronounced dead and then the ambulance took his body away from the scene.

Brief about the scene

According to the woman, who witnessed the death scene explained that she was there where the man took his last breath and she was upset with the incident. She was under the shock about how sudden was the incident and told the reporters that no one knew that when the victim became unconscious.

According to the local police

According to the Local police said that there was no suspicion of having a conspiracy behind the death scene, but the man’s specific cause of death has not been reported. His name and picture were released, but his family has not been notified about the incident and therefore cannot consent to any press coverage.

Traces of same incidents

Traces of similar incidents can be seen in 2016 that the screening of ‘Conjuring 2’, where a 65-year-old man had a heart attack at an evening shows of the film in Andhra Pradesh, India. It was later discovered that the victim had a massive stroke.

The movie has already earned R-rating in the U.S and 15 in the UK. The Annabelle is all set to give its audience a horrifying experience, the movie is not recommended for those who do not possess a strong will to watch the movie.

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